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Wellbeing of our People

We promote a progressive, collaborative and healthy work environment which is conducive and beneficial for all of our people, supported by inclusive policies and interventions for health, safety and mental and physical wellbeing.

Some of the support and wellbeing services available to our people include:-

  • An Occupational Health service that will provide advice and support in proactively managing health conditions in work run through confidential open access clinics
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing Champions to support our people who may need some mental health support
  • Range of learning to support our people‚Äôs wellbeing
  • A recognition and reward system called Shine
  • Listening Ear counselling service
  • Physiotherapy, BMI and blood pressure checks, flu jabs and ergonomic assessments
  • Nutrition, smoking and alcohol advice services
  • Sports and running clubs including the Liverpool City C Rounders team
  • Our people led Yoga and Pilates classes